AMC Services

Sysneon Technology Solutions undertake Annual maintenance contract for your computers.We are attached with different companies and our services has been outstanding so far. We have been maintaining the hardware and network of big corporate, Small Scale Industries,small organizations and government undertaking. We blend our qualitative service with the latest technology to offer our customers a competitive edge at effective price.We are effectively exploring the latest hardware available in the market to provide Computer AMC Services for the betterment of the life of your Computers. We can assemble the whole systems according to the configuration you give us.

We offer wide range of computer Annual Maintainance Contract(AMC) services that includes:

  • Assembling and upgrading the PCs.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Printer and Monitor maintenance, repairing and servicing.
  • Repairing of Hard Disk, Modem, Mother Board and CD-ROM etc.
  • All the services related to Networking.
  • Services based on Internet.
  • Protecting the system from virus and removing of Software.

What we do in contract?

  • We offer free systems design and integration, services without any excuse and questions.
  • Fully computerized "Customer Service Cell" enable us to sort-out all type of queries on phone itself with the best of customer satisfaction.
  • Sysneon provide service within 2-4 hours and even earlier if called specifically - ensures 95% uptime on all times.
  • Maintain one complete set of spares for every 25 machines, Provide spares on site ,where there are 30 or more machines under our AMC.
  • We Depute a seperate service Engineer/Resident Engineer to look after machines where the number exceeds 40 machines.
  • Owns a sound and efficient repair and testing facility for in-house repairs,Provides Regular Preventive.


  • It checks to ensure smooth functioning of machines. For each machine aoss maintains a seperate machine job-card to ensure close monitoring and control.
  • Sysneon provide services from 9 A.M to 9 P.M for sophisticated installation like hotel,Banks,Hospitals & Corporates.