BIG DATA CASSENDRA | Demo Vedio| Outline|Duration: 45 Hours |Class Room & Online Training


1. About Apache Cassandra

2. Understanding the Cassandra architecture

  • Architecture in brief
  • Internode communications (gossip)
  • Data distribution and replication
  • Partitioners
  • Snitches
  • Virtual nodes
  • Bootstrap
  • Consistent Hashing
  • Client requests

3. Installing and configuring Apache Cassandra Single node

4. Installing and configuring Apache Cassandra Multi node

5. Installing and initializing a cluster

  • Installing and Initializing a single node cluster (single data center)
  • Installing and Initializing a multiple node cluster (single data center)
  • Installing and Initializing a multiple node cluster (multiple data centers)
  • 6. Starting and stopping Cassandra nodes

    7. Apache Cassandra configuration

  • Cassandra configuration files
  • Configuring and using virtual nodes
  • 8. Database internals

  • Cassandra Storage engine
  • Cassandra table directories

    9. Cassandra Tools

  • Nodetool Utility
  • Cassandra Utility
  • The Cassandra-Stress Tool
  • SSTable Utilities
  • 10. Cassandra Bulk Loader (SSTable Loader)

    11. Read Path and Write path in Cassandra

    12. Hinted handoff writes

    13. Data consistency in Cassandra

  • Data consistency configuration
  • Consistency in write operations
  • Consistency in read operations
  • Consistency in multiple datacenter
  • 14. Operations in Cassandra environment

  • Monitoring Cassandra (Opscenter/Nodetool Utility)
  • Bloom Filters in Cassandra
  • Data caching in Cassandra
  • Compactions in Cassandra
  • Cassandra environment shell
  • 15. Node repairing in Cassandra

  • Overview of the repair
  • Hinted Handoff repair during write operation/path
  • Hinted Handoff repair during read operation/path
  • Manual repair Anti-entropy repair
  • 16. Cassandra Query Language Introduction (CQL)

    17. Adding a node to an existing cluster/ datacenter to the cluster in multinode cluster

    18. Replacing a running node/ replacing a dead node in multinode cluster

    19. Decommissioning a running node / decommissioning a datacenter

    20. Removing and cleanup a node from the cluster

    21. Adding a new datacenter to existing Cassandra Cluster

    22. Changing replication strategy and keyspace strategy in multinode cluster

    23. Backing up database and restoring a database

    24. Security in Cassandra

  • SSL encryption
  • Internal authentication
  • Internal authorization
  • Configuring firewall port access
  • 25. Cassandra multi node setup in AWS cloud

    26. Cassandra cluster integration with spark


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